Where do you source your Crickets?
We currently source our crickets from a farm in North America that raises crickets specifically for human consumption. Their crickets are fed an entirely organic and gluten-free diet which in turn makes them gluten free and organic.

Where can I learn more about the nutritional benefits of Crickets?
Click here to learn about the nutritional and sustainability benefits of crickets.

If insects are so good for you, why don’t people already eat them?
Many people actually do! It is estimated that insect-eating is practiced regularly by at least 2 billion people worldwide. Despite the long list of benefits, consumer acceptance (better known as the “yuck factor”) in western cultures has remained one of the major barriers to adoption.

Could I be allergic to crickets?
It is highly unlikely to be allergic to crickets, but there is always the possibility. If you have an allergy to shellfish, it’s possible you could be allergic to crickets since they are distantly related. 


How many crickets are in each bar?
There are approximately 15-20 crickets per bar. Yum!

I’m a vegan/vegetarian. Can I eat your bars?
This depends. Crickets are still an animal, although depending on the reason for being vegetarian or vegan you may want to consider them as an alternative food source. Crickets have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than traditional livestock, and they also have less developed central nervous systems. This means they don’t experience pain in the same way mammals do. It’s widely considered more humane to farm and harvest crickets than traditional livestock.

Are your bars free of Dairy, Soy, and Gluten?
Yes! There is absolutely no dairy, soy or gluten in any of our bars. However, we do work with a manufacturing facility that also processes these ingredients, so it’s possible there are traces of these three in the bars. The packaging has this small disclaimer to explain this.

Are your bars Organic and Non-GMO?
Unfortunately, it’s quite expensive and difficult to get certified organic and non-GMO, especially as a start-up. However, we use predominantly organic and non-GMO ingredients, where possible.

Why should I buy your bars vs. the competition?
AVAIL Bar was created to help people be healthier and contribute to the sustainability movement. Many bars claim to be all natural and healthy, but their ingredients just don’t match the marketing. We worked with food scientists, nutritionists, and flavor specialists to develop a range of bars that not only taste great, but are really good for you. All of our bars are minimally processed, use predominantly organic and non-GMO ingredients and are low in sugar, high in protein, and include healthy fats.
Need more convincing? Check out this comparison, below

You say your bars are “functional” in nature. What does that mean?
Each bar is considered functional because they were created in combination with nutritionists to add specific benefits for consumers. Whether the bars are eaten as a meal replacement, snack, or pre/post workout, consumers receive the benefits of each bar every time. Our first three bars are a workout protein bar, regain focus bar, and stomach repair bar. Our workout bar was created to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness and repair muscle post-workout. Our regain focus bar was created with ingredients that help aid cognitive function, as well as a small amount of caffeine to increase productivity. Our stomach repair bar was created with ingredients known to calm digestive issues. Please keep in mind that these bars are not medicine and therefore should not be used to treat a specific medical condition.

Are your bars FDA approved and safe to eat?
Absolutely! Each batch of bars goes through rigorous testing to ensure they are the absolute highest quality and fully meet all FDA requirements.

How long do your bars last?
Since we use no preservatives or other additives, our bars have a shelf life of 6 months. 

How should I store your bars?
Due to their unprocessed nature and high quality ingredients, bars are best stored in cool, dry place. The bars do not need to be refrigerated so long as they are kept under 70-80 degrees (can be refrigerated if desired). 



How can I pay for my order?

We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal and Amazon Payments. We will be accepting Apple Pay in 2017. 

What does “AVAIL” mean?
The definition of AVAIL is to be of benefit. This definition fits perfectly with the company’s mission of making people healthier and aid in the sustainability challenge. 

Do you offer a referral program?
Not yet, but we're working on it!